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Breakeven Can Help you

The Counsellors role is to facilitate you and they will respect your values and any choices you make for yourself.

As the counsellor supports and encourages you on your path towards a gambling-free future, other benefits can include improved feelings of self-worth, better and more satisfying relationships, a clearer sense of direction and purpose for your life, and financial stability.

In order to work towards this, your counsellor is able to offer you strategies and interventions that may help to limit your ability to gamble, they will not give you advice or suggestions on other life issues, but will work with you to come to your own decisions.

Your counsellor will work with you according to your particular needs. ln order for you to understand what triggers your gambling, it may be valuable for you to work with your counsellor on better understanding how your life experiences have influenced you.

To become and remain free of problem gambling you may discover that it will benefit you to address and resolve specific problems such as decision making, coping with a crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge, improving interpersonal relationships or working through confusing thoughts and feelings.

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